Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The "Arousing" Resto

Exhibit #19
Object: Turkish Restaurant
Location: Unknown

I believe that restaurant will never, ever,
open a branch in Indonesia.

* Courtesy from Reza's friend.

JasJus KuGila

Exhibit #18
Object: Drink List
Location: EMP Cafe, Bandung

Juice Gairah Lelaki:
1 btr telur ayam kampung, 1 sachet Kuku Bima,
bubuk torpedo kambing secukupnya,
1 cover depan Tabloid Lipstick dicacah hingga halus.
Blender semua bahan.
Tambahkan gula dan es batu sesuai selera.

Juice Rokok:
1/2 pak rokok merk apa saja,
2 sdm absurditas, 2 sdm kegilaan.
Blender semua bahan.
Tambahkan akal sehat--jika masih ada.

The Word That Will Get You Into Trouble

Exhibit #17
Object: Sign Board
Location: Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

"Oh, God, she's such a BOMB!"
-- arrested.

"Dude, you dress like a BUM."
-- arrested.

"That girl over there has such a nice BUM..."
-- arrested.

"Shake your bon-BOM, shake your bon-BOM..."
-- arrested.

The Executive Way

Exhibit #16
Object: Musholla
Location: Senayan City, Jakarta

Dear God,

I am so blessed that I can talk to you
in this executive musholla,
thanks to my platinum member card
and my preferred circle account.
I am also praying for my other friends
in the economy and business musholla
so they can also have their prayers answered
despite the heat and the frequent stops they had to endure.