Monday, July 21, 2008

Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

Exhibit #30
Object: Poster
Location: Setiabudi, Bandung.

One hundred bucks,
and you will experience the unimaginable.
Triangle? Rectangle? Dodecahedron?
Wavy? Curly? Pencil-like?
Just go crazy.
Your breast will be having the time of its life.
Complete freedooom!

From Selling HP to Massage Parlor

Exhibit #29
Object: Business Sign
Location: Jakarta

Yes, it's my insatiable business drive that
just won't stop me from expanding...
singing is not enough, writing is not enough,
selling HP and vouchers are not enough...
I want to squeeze and poke some flesh!

* Courtesy from Hagi.

Etymology 101

Exhibit #28
Object: Advertisement
Location: Watson's, Supermal Karawaci

Thus, one may ask: why "Funk"?
Ah. It's Fun + Punk = Funk.
Suddenly, etymology is as easy as one, two, three.