Friday, March 21, 2008

No Show For Today, Folks!

Exhibit #27
Object: Door Sign
Location: Bandara Ngurah Rai, Denpasar.

Okay. We didn't expect an 'operet' will be
performed at the airport.
But if the office is closed, for whatever reason -
from operational reason to
watching an 'operet' show somewhere,
surely we didn't expect a 'no opereted' sign either.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Is The Key!

Exhibit #26
Object: Buku Menu
Location: Jl. Pasir Kaliki, Bandung

In the name of efficiency,
our restaurant has a consensus like this:
if it's "hotplate kangkung" then it means hotplate kangkung.
But if it's just "hotplate", then it means,
well, the food contains lots of chillies,
regardless the plate is cool or hot. Doesn't matter.
Your tongue got burned, either way.
That is our mission.

* Courtesy from Arina "Dede".

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Warmers Welcome

Exhibit #25
Object: Standing Banner
Location: Darmawangsa Square, Jkt

Today, I learn something very profound,
thanks to Ganaan Tour.
I learn that, when we want to say welcome,
sometimes it's not enough just to say 'welcome'.
For a warmer welcome, we need to say 'welcomer'.
But sometimes, it's also not enough just to say 'welcomer'.
To amplify it even more, we can also say...

Nothing can be warmers than that. Truly.

The Demo

Exhibit #24
Object: Spanduk Demonstrasi
Location: Unknown

I wonder how the other party would respond to that.
Could it be:
Demo lagi, demo lagi. Kapan kerjanya?
Demo more, demo more. Work when?

* Picture source: Unknown. Courtesy from Riko.

From Writing to Selling HP

Exhibit #23
Object: Plang Kios Pulsa/HP
Location: Jl Dipatiukur, Bandung.

Now, this one I haven't really thought about.
But it could be fun too, for a change.
Knowing that my other branch is already opening
somewhere in Purwakarta.
It feels like a family business already :)

From Singing to Selling HP

Exhibit #22
Object: Plang Kios Pulsa/HP
Location: Purwakarta

We've joked about this many times before.
We've even imagined to open a cellphone store just for fun.
All in all, just to have a taste of the idea, in reality.

Then, in one unexpected day, the universe responded.

One genius in Purwakarta have thought about it.

There it goes... my fantasy becomes a reality.


Exhibit #21
Object: Song Request Card
Location: Majalengka, Rida Sita Dewi Reunion Tour.

We thought we had it all.
Fame, fortune, and four albums.
A reunion tour, twelve concerts, crowd of thousands.

We thought they have said it all.
The loud MCs, screaming out our names.
The hundreds of banners, displaying our names.

We thought we had it all.
Until this one popped out...