Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spiritual Salon

Exhibit #7
Object: Beauty Salon
Location: Jl Cikutra Barat, Bandung

How far can we actually stretch the word "spiritual"?

This banner somehow induced me
to walk to the receptionist and say:
“Hi. I’d like to make an appointment for
transcendental make-up and enlightening hairdo, please.”

The Soap Opera

Exhibit #6
Object: Spanduk
Location: Bandung

This is not so much because of the humor.
It's a mix of satire, amazement, disbelief, and deep concern.
Enam puluh tahun lebih bangsa ini merdeka,
dan masih dibutuhkan sebuah kampanye nasional
hanya untuk menyadarkan rakyatnya agar
mencuci tangan pakai sabun.
So, anti korupsi, penebangan ilegal, penghijauan kota,
semoga kalian tidak membusuk dalam antrean...
right now, we're still educating our people
on how to make use of that soap bar.

Celebrating Ing-Form

Exhibit #5
Object: Spa Sign
Location: Bali

A friend of my have sending this picture from Bali.
I hoping you all can enjoying it too,
and may God having mercy on us
and on our English educating.

* Courtesy from Reza. 'Hope you have an entertain holiday! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Challenger

Exhibit #4
Object: A guy who must be desperately sleepy
Location: Bukit Ligar, Bandung

This guy defies three general assumptions and proves that:
You can actually sleep on your motor bebek.
You can actually do pilates on your motor bebek.
You can do pilates and stay asleep.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Love Potion

Exhibit #3
Object: Jongko Bensin
Location: Yogyakarta

If such gasoline exists, don't waste it on your vehicles.
Drink up.

* Thanks to Sandi from Yogya for kindly taking the pic,
and also to Dede for giving out such a valuable info for this museum.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Political Gourmet

Exhibit #2
Object: Restaurant
Location: Jalan Setiabudi, Bandung

To create a solid existensial basis for your resto,
you can never go wrong with Subang fishes.
It is the most politically correct breed of all.


Exhibit #1
Object: Bando
Location: M&M Sabang, Bandung

Apakah ini sama dengan ‘ep’ pada Panta?
Ataukah ‘pe’ pada pitamin?
Yang jelas tidak mungkin ‘ef’ seperti Fangandaran,
apalagi ‘ve’ pada vinguin.