Sunday, March 9, 2008

From Singing to Selling HP

Exhibit #22
Object: Plang Kios Pulsa/HP
Location: Purwakarta

We've joked about this many times before.
We've even imagined to open a cellphone store just for fun.
All in all, just to have a taste of the idea, in reality.

Then, in one unexpected day, the universe responded.

One genius in Purwakarta have thought about it.

There it goes... my fantasy becomes a reality.


  1. Saya setuju dengan "Mar cell" tapi kalau "Dee cell" kayaknya agak maksa deh hiks

  2. Wah sempet2nya juga ya nyari yg unik di Purwakarta! saya sendiri yg orang pwk gak ngeh dengan hal itu!

  3. HAW.HAW.HUK.HUK! mungkin selanjutnya adlh "bon cell" atau "pe cell"